HR Services

In order to conserve the sanctity of information between employee and employer, major businesses are outsourcing their entire HR operations. Due to which a terrible hike has been noticed in the scope of HR outsourcing in return to their organizational, legislative and regulatory demands. At Ayant Software, we cater every administrative, consultation, managerial and support function concerning HR. We are proud to serve our clients from a typically small to mid-size firms.

Our HR outsourcing services relieves you of HR responsibilities and focus on your core business activities. This strategic tool helps you to improve your business by:

• Helping you to improve the employer-employee relations.
• Helping you in reducing and managing overall operational costs.
• Providing you with skilled HR professionals.

The Human Resource services that are being outsourced include:

• Compensation, Analysis and Planning
• Conducting Opinion Surveys
• Creating and Revising Training Manuals
• Creating and Updating Employee Handbooks
• Employee Relations Consultation
• Employee Benefits Management
• Employee Training and Orientations
• Employee Newsletter Support
• HR Consultation Services
• Managing HR Records
• Payroll Management Work
• Succession and Strategic Planning
• Wage and Hour Consultation